Guest Supplier Terms and Conditions

Drop Shipping with CLAREDOTCOM

FAQ What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a sales model which means the retailer (in this case Claredotcom) does not purchase advance stock amounts or hold stock for sale. Instead the retailer brokers the order which is forwarded directly to the supplier for fulfilment and shipping

What do I get?

  • You will have unlimited product listings on
  • is built on Shopify with access to dozens of features all designed to help you have success - this includes a fully secure, PCI compliant checkout
  • Your listings will be built for you and optimized for SEO to maximise your presence on the store
  • You have a product included in the featured section at all times
  • Listings are shared on various social media outlets to increase visibility

What will this cost me?

There is no fee to have your products listed - like traditional retail there is a margin instead and in this case it is 30% (on your goods, not shipping) - this covers the cost of your listing, checkout and transaction fees on a secure server. So you only “pay” on the goods you sell without the costs and work involved in running your own online store.

When will I be paid?

Allowing for Bank processing you should expect to receive your funds from sales 5-7 days after the order is processed - this is via PayPal.

What is my responsibility as a supplier?

  1. You must provide the following:


  • Images of your product(s) at a minimum size of 1000px on the shortest side at 300DPi in jpeg or png format. Please name in the format yourname-productname-size-colour.jpg
  • Product information as per the spreadsheet including: Description, dimensions, variant information (such as colour or size), pricing and quantity
  • Leadtime (ie how many business days between order and shipping)
  • Your shipping costs > you may wish to instead incorporate you shipping costs into the price of your goods and offer free shipping
  1. You must notify of any changes to availability and quantity as soon as possible
  2. You must be prepared to accept the Refund Policy as shown on - this is the returns policy offered to all customers
  3. Goods must be shipped in a timely way, well packaged and labelled. You should confirm the date shipped with